Therminal 1.5 Arm Warmers


Therminal 1.5 Arm Warmers

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If it doesn't take you 25 minutes to get dressed for a winter ride, consider yourself lucky. But then again, this doesn't give you carte blanche to be unprepared for chilly conditions. For chilly, but not freezing, days in the saddle, we made our Therminal™ 1.5 Arm Warmers.

Much like the 2.0 iteration of these warmers, the 1.5s feature a Therminal™ construction, which is designed to both insulate and manage moisture buildup. To do so, it has a brushed fleece interior with a light loft that pulls moisture away from skin to evaporate it at the material's surface. This loft also has the added benefit of insulation, which occurs by trapping tiny pockets of warmth between the skin and the fabric. At the exterior, you'll find light levels of wind and water protection that'll have you riding comfortably through mixed conditions. Where it differs from the 2.0, however, is that the 1.5s feature a lightweight, un-lofted stretch section that doubles as an exhaust port for built-up heat and an easement to the possibility of friction throughout articulation or movement.

As for fit, the warmers have an articulated design that conforms to the arm and its various positions and movements while cycling. And to ensure that they stay set where you want them, we've included a light silicone print to gently hold them in place.

  • Therminal™ fabrics feature a brushed fleece interior that insulates, while remaining highly breathable and effective at managing moisture.
  • Silicone-infused fabric at the cuff gently holds the warmers in place throughout the movements of riding.
  • Articulated design ensures the perfect fit while in the riding position.
  • Reflective elements increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.
  • Deflect® UV 50+ protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

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