Deflect H2O Shoe Cover


Deflect H2O Shoe Cover

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As much as we might hate it, the weather tends to deal in absolutes—as in, it's going to rain all day, all night, or all week. But if you're more afraid of the doldrums of spending a week on the trainer than getting a little wet, our Deflect™ H2O Shoe Covers are for you.

To fight the wet, they have a neoprene construction that's wind- and water-resistant, with the added benefit of insulating a little something extra when the material gets wet. And to keep water from infiltrating the covers and making you uncomfortable, the covers also feature a stitch-free, glued construction that's completely waterproof. And at the tread, you'll also find vulcanized rubber for improved traction and grip when you're walking on wet surfaces.

  • Deflect™ neoprene fabric is wind- and water-resistant, keeping you warm and comfortable on wet days.
  • Glued, waterproof construction eliminates the need for traditional stitching, ultimately making the covers less susceptible to water intrusion.
  • Coated zipper is watertight, keeping you dry at a typical point of water infiltration.
  • Vulcanized rubber tread is tough, durable, and full of traction.
  • Abrasion-resistant bottom and toe panels increase the covers' lifespan.
  • Universal cleat opening means that the covers are compatible with both road and mountain shoes.
  • Reflective elements increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.

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